Situated in the heart of the City of London – one of the world’s prime financial centres – Asset Match provides unique and customised services to investors, companies, shareholders and brokers through which:

  1. Shareholders can unlock the liquidity of their existing shares in private companies.
  2. Companies can obtain market valuations of their shares or raise IPO capital at a fraction of the usual cost and time.
  3. Investors are able to secure investment in selected companies which otherwise would not be available.
  4. Brokerages are able to participate in all of these processes either directly or on behalf of their existing clients or client companies.

All of these processes, investments, sales and trades can be done live, directly and in real-time over our secured trading portals, accessible via our website.

Overall, the Asset Match systems provide a methodology for sophisticated investors, shareholders or professional service companies and firms to achieve their aims with – compared to conventional means – little to no lead-time, immediate action, substantially lower costs and beneficial terms.

Furthermore, Asset Match is regulated by and fully compliant with the standards of United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has very strong relationships with the full spectrum of blue-chip brokerages, lawyers, and finance professionals in the City of London and internationally, and has a management team with decades of experience in the international financial, investment and trading sectors.

In 2013, Asset Match was selected as a member of “ACCELERATE 250” in the United Kingdom. This is a hand-picked group of the fastest growing 250 firms in the United Kingdom. Our growth has been founded on providing all services to the highest standards of professionalism, ability and competence.

Asset Match has two Primary Products and provides these almost unrivalled services to shareholders, companies, investors and brokerages. They are:



The Asset Match Peer-to-Peer Trading facility allows shareholders who have shares in unlisted companies to freely offer their shares for sale, and for dynamic share trading to take place, in a transparent and regulated environment. All client companies are subject to due diligence checks by Asset Match, and all company documentation and the full range of historical company information is available for prospective investors.  
The Asset Match portal allows shareholders, sellers, buyers and brokers to interact, buy and sell directly and at a fraction of traditional costs. To find out more about this facility, or to start to buy or sell shares in selected companies, click here


The Asset Match IPO Accelerator is a unique financial instrument which enables qualifying companies who are en-route to list on a Stock Exchange to make their final pre-IPO placements at a fraction of the cost and lead-time traditionally associated with such placements, to a wide pool of investors internationally. It also facilitates and brings about a market-driven share price of the shares on offer, which carries advantages for the company, shareholders, investors and brokers alike. 

To find out more about this facility, or to participate in an IPO Acceleration process as a company, investor or broker, click here