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Cabot Energy Ltd
Company Name:Cabot Energy Ltd Minimum fundraise:£0.00* High Share Price Bid:£0.04
Business Sector:Oil & Gas Total Funds Bid to Date:- Low Share Price Bid:£0.03
Auction period:28 Oct 2020 - N/A Indicative Share Price:0.00 Average Share Price Bid:£0.03**
*The company will accept oversubscription.
**In the event of significant oversubscription, shares will be allocated to bids at the average price and above.

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Cabot Energy Ltd

As of 21 October 2022 Cabot Energy Limited has been dissolved.

Please direct any queries to or call 020 7248 2788.

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Company info

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Cabot Energy Ltd is an oil and gas production and exploration company focussing on creating predictable production growth in Canada. This is expected to deliver cashflow and demonstrable value for shareholders in a reasonable time frame.

Cabot augments its production activity by developing high-impact exploration and appraisal projects which can be farmed out and developed to generate the opportunity for high returns on investment. (...)

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Cabot Energy Ltd was admitted to trading on Asset Match on 3 December 2019 at a price of 1.50 pence per share.

Auctions are held quarterly and close at 4pm on the last Tuesday of each month (unless stated otherwise).

The tick size for this company is 0.25 pence per share.

Participants can send orders via their existing broker or directly to The Share Centre. Further details can be found by clicking on the "Auction instructions" section below.

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Key People


Scott Aitken Chief Executive Officer

Scott Aitken was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Cabot Energy in June 2018, he is not appointed to the Board of Directors. Scott has more than 25 years’ experience in the oil & gas exploration and production industry, including 15 years as CEO. He co-founded High Power Petroleum LLC alongside Campbell Airlie and Petro Mychalkiw in 2015 as the oil exploration and production subsidiary of pulse-power technology world leader, I-Pulse.

He started his career as a Petroleum Engineer with ExxonMobil (formerly Mobil) in Aberdeen and went on to work in senior roles, including chief executive officer and regional head, at companies with operations in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and North America. He is highly experienced at growing small companies into multi-billion dollar operations through the leverage of technology alongside community partnership.  Scott has raised US$1 billion capital investment for oil & gas exploration, development and production over the last 15 years, creating ventures in the USA, Canada, Turkey and West Africa, delivering over 100,000 boepd production and 1 billion boe reserves and resources.

Scott does not sit on the Board of Cabot Energy.


Petro Mychalkiw Chief Financial Officer

Petro Mychalkiw joined Cabot Energy as a Non-executive Director in January 2018 and was appointed Chief Financial Officer in June 2018.

Petro has 28 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant and over 12 years’ experience in the natural resources industry.  His career has included roles as Chief Financial Officer of Oriel Resources, Equus Petroleum, Orsu Metals Corporation and most recently at I-Pulse Inc., the parent company of H2P. Petro has extensive experience of project financing including resource development projects, acquisition fundraising, debt refinancing and private placings.

Petro represents the interests of High Power Petroleum, the Company’s largest shareholder.


Campbell Airlie Chief Technical Officer

Campbell Airlie was appointed as a Non-executive Director in December 2016 and was appointed as Chief Technical Officer in June 2018.

Campbell has 36 years’ experience as a petroleum engineer with extensive time spent in upstream field development strategy and implementation. His career has included reservoir and production management and technical excellence roles with Schlumberger, BP, Edinburgh Petroleum Services and most recently as founder and Chief Technical Officer of Seven Energy.

Campbell has been a Distinguished Lecturer in Asset Management with the Society of Petroleum Engineers and a visiting lecturer in reservoir engineering and production optimisation at Heriot Watt University.

Campbell represents the interests of High Power Petroleum, the Company’s largest shareholder.