Consumers say SMEs and start-ups will be post-Brexit champions (SME Magazine)

| Monday July 17, 2017

Our recent report 'What does Brexit mean for UK scale-ups? Consumer edition’ has received coverage in SME Magazine.

Investors Fear Weak PM and Divided Cabinet May Squander Brexit (The Economic Voice)

| Saturday July 15, 2017

57% of UK investors are backing SMEs as the champions of the nation’s post-Brexit economy, but a staggering 59% have dwindling faith in the weakened Government’s ability to support the growth of the private sector.

UK investors rally behind post-Brexit business, but have no faith in Theresa May and the DUP (London Loves Business)

| Friday July 14, 2017

Here’s why Asset Match has surveyed 1,100 UK investors to uncover their sentiments towards British businesses and the private sector’s capabilities amidst the onset of Brexit and the formation of a Conservative minority government.

Asset Match research to reveal impact of Brexit and new-look Government on UK investors

| Friday June 30, 2017

It has been over a year since the UK made the decision to leave the EU and forge its own independent identity. The surprise result of the referendum on 23 June 2016 subsequently set in a motion a range of further political and economic twists, including: the appointment of Theresa May as Prime Minister; interest rates being cut to an all-time low; a snap General Election resulting in a hung parliament; and Brexit negotiations officially commencing.

As Brexit negotiations commence, Asset Match continues to champion scaling businesses

| Friday June 23, 2017

It has been a week defined by a hat-trick of significant events: Monday saw the official start of Brexit negotiations, followed by Wednesday's Queen's Speech and today's one-year anniversary of the EU referendum. Investors, consumers and the private sector are now eagerly waiting to see how these key events unfold and, in particular, what the forthcoming Brexit process will mean for them.