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Asset Match Update

| Wednesday June 26, 2013

Thank you for your recent interest in Asset Match. We are very pleased to let you know that Asset Match has been selected as one the Accelerate 250 companies by Lord Young and Sir Terry Leahy ahead of the Accelerate 2013 event this week. The group of 250 is intended to showcase the companies which will lead future growth in the UK economy. The full list of companies and details of the conference are available on the Accelerate 250 website.  

Also, as you may know, we closed our fund raising last year at £1,025,000 so that we could complete our FCA (formerly FSA) authorisation. We are now in the process of raising the balance of our original target of £1,500,000.

We have decided to raise this money using a platform called Crowdcube. We have monitored them for some months and key points in our decision were:

  • They reach almost 40,000 predominantly EIS focussed investors (these individuals have already started to register on our Platform as, we assume, potential investors).
  • They successfully raised £1,500,000 for themselves in May 2013.
  • It makes sense for us to get to know Crowdcube as they will provide a useful pipeline of companies to join the Platform.

You can see our pitch on Crowdcube here

Asset Match is EIS eligible and a confirmation letter is available.

If you know anyone who would be interesting in participating in the fund raise, please let us know.

Going forward, we will look to issue further updates as our business continues to gain momentum. If you have not accessed our Platform recently, please login here.

Best regards,

Asset Match