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Is your company part of the Asset Match 2000...?

| Friday October 4, 2013

Check to see if your company is part of the Asset Match 2000.

The list is the result of our in-house research analysis and focuses on profitable and established UK private companies. Shareholders in these companies will typically have been invested for more than 5 years and may be looking to sell part or all of their holding. We are receiving enquiries from shareholders to help sell part, or all of their investment.

If you are already a shareholder or are interested in buying shares in any of these companies, then please contact us by email.  We will take a note of your interest and provide further guidance on how Asset Match can help.

If you are looking for a company that isn’t on the list, then please nominate it by emailing us at  We will then research the company and assess its suitability for the Asset Match platform.

Please note, you will need to register or login to view the Asset Match 2000. The list can then be accessed by selecting Asset Match 2000 in the site's menu.