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Asset Match set to list its 2,000 priority companies

| Monday September 23, 2013

In reaction to approaches from individual investors, Asset Match is set to list the target 2,000 companies that its in-house research analysed as primary candidates for the Platform. In turn these private and/or unlisted companies potentially involve some 500,000 shareholders. These established companies are typically profitable and where the investment has usually been held for longer than 5 years.

Shareholders will be informed as to how the Platform can help both themselves and the company concerned. Shareholders with interests in the Asset Match 2000 will receive guidance of how to approach their investee company with a view to monetising part, or all of their shareholding.

Asset Match stated, “Our Platform is designed to facilitate liquidity in previously static share registers, allowing shareholders to generate cash from long standing investments. With £300bln of locked-in equity involved in private companies, this is a really exciting development for the shareholders, the companies, new investors, and the Asset Match Platform. We anticipate the Asset Match 2000 list being available on the website to Registered Users of the Platform later this week”