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Liquid Logic + UK Platform Aims To Disrupt Private Company Share Trades (Forbes)

| Monday November 17, 2014

Thanks in no small part to the rapid growth of equity crowdfunding in the UK, increasing numbers of investors are becoming comfortable with the concept of buying shares in privately owned companies.

Fast forward a few years and the chances that many of those who comprise this new generation of micro-angels will also become familiar with one of the frustrations of private company ownership – namely that it isn’t always easy or even possible to sell your shares at a time of your own choosing.

It’s a frustration that the more experienced high net worth investors of the angel community are well aware of.  Shares in private companies aren’t liquid. Yes you can sell them, but you have to find a buyer, establish a price and comply with the conditions set out in the company’s articles of association. It isn’t always an easy or straightforward process.

So enter stage right Asset Match, an online trading platform set up by City trading and investment banking veterans Iain Baille and Stuart Lucas.

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