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Could This Become an Essential Cog in the Crowdfunding Ecosystem? (

| Thursday October 30, 2014

Liquidity, or a lack thereof, is one of the main challenges faced by the equity crowdfunding space.

If an equity crowdfunding investor is both shrewd enough and lucky enough to acquire a stake in a flourishing business – that investor is nonetheless faced with seriously limited means of extracting his or her funds. In other words, seriously limited means of realizing any profit – or indeed of recovering principal. Investors can push for a public event of some kind, or hope for a trade sale, but that’s about it. This issue of illiquidity is not of course confined to the world of equity crowdfunding. There are a multitude of private companies out there with shareholders that essentially have no choice but to sit on their investments.

Enter Asset Match. This innovative online exchange allows private companies to auction off shareholdings to a network of private investors. AltFi caught up with co-CEO’s Stuart Lucas and Iain Baillie to learn more.

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