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Asset Match launches the first in a series of new reports revealing British sentiment towards UK scale-ups in light of Brexit

| Wednesday April 26, 2017

Britain is currently amidst an era of profound transformation as it forges a new global identity free from the bounds of the European Union (EU). Since Theresa May’s triggering of Article 50 on 29 March, the UK Government has been proactive in its efforts to open the country’s private sector to new business and investment opportunities through economic alliances.

To support the country during this pivotal moment of transition, Asset Match has launched a series of national research reports to chart the sentiments of the UK’s consumers, investors and entrepreneurs towards British scale-ups. To be distributed over the course of 2017, this body of research will measure sentiment towards British SMEs by dissecting the three pillars of society that collectively define the success of Brexit in relation to the UK private sector.

In the inaugural edition of the three-part series, the first report launched today – ‘What does Brexit mean for UK scale-ups? Consumer edition’ – has surveyed a nationally representative sample of 2,000 UK consumers to uncover their sentiments towards the country’s bustling private sector, and their perception of the impact Brexit will have on the future of British businesses.

The findings reveal a community of consumers overwhelmingly confident that UK companies will benefit from the new opportunities arising as a consequence of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Moreover, the study demonstrates that consumers are intending to consciously spend their money with British businesses and brands over foreign counterparts to boost the nation’s private sector at this critical juncture in its long-term development.

With the announcement of the snap General Election on 8 June 2017, it is vital that government and industry bodies foster and encourage consistent levels of positive consumer support towards British businesses. Once the election has been held, the Government will possess a unified and forward-facing mandate to ensure Brexit opens Britain to a new era of growth, productivity, innovation and disruption. Central to this will be the bond between consumers and the private sector, one that this report reveals has so far proven to be resilient.

Click here to download ‘What does Brexit mean for UK scale-ups? Consumer edition’

Asset Match will continue to examine society’s attitudes towards British businesses at this vital time of socioeconomic transition. The next iteration in this report series will uncover the sentiment of investors towards UK scale-ups as Brexit continues to forge its footprint on the UK economy.