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Asset Match reveals the frustrations of the UK’s locked-in shareholders

| Wednesday February 15, 2017

Formed of approximately 10,000 private companies, Britain’s unlisted SME market presents a well-established, high-growth collective of businesses, supported by 500,000 individual shareholders. Holding an approximate value of £300 billion in equity, this vital community of investors drives a vast proportion of the private sector’s scaling businesses.

Asset Match has today launched the Shareholder Sentiment Index 2017 to delve further into the constructs of Britain’s share-holding population, analysing the sentiments, challenges and desires that define the profile of what is an integral community of SME investors. The nationally representative survey of 2,000 adults dissects investor interest in relation to the nation’s private sector capabilities, revealing the challenges faced by investors looking to buy and sell shares in private companies. Launched at a critical juncture in relation to the pending impact of Brexit, Asset Match’s Shareholder Sentiment Index further unveils investor appetite towards growth finance and mid-cap shares for the coming year.

The research also delves into post-Brexit sentiment towards growth finance and the general appetite for small to mid-cap shares in the current economic climate. Supported by a body of 500,000 individual shareholders owning circa £300 billion in equity value, the Asset Match Shareholder Sentiment Index reveals a frustrated population whose investor interest has not transpired as a priority. As a result, the desire to release value or exit the holding entirely has become a prominent objective, one that – as the data reflects – has become increasingly difficult to realise.

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