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Exclusive research reveals mass shareholder frustration post-Brexit (CCR Magazine)

| Wednesday February 15, 2017

Asset Match has surveyed 2,000 UK adults, revealing the widespread feelings of discontent being experienced by the nation’s community of private company shareholders. It found:  

10% of UK shareholders said they have never been given the opportunity to discuss options regarding their shares since making their original investment 
A further 9% feel locked-in due to an inability to sell or trade the shares they own in a private company – equating to over 600,000 trapped and frustrated investors 
Post-Brexit sentiment towards stocks and shares is resoundingly positive – 23% of UK investors said they intend to invest in stocks and shares in 2017, trumping property (11%), bonds (7%) and commodities (7%) 
However, 11% of shareholders say they have held shares for longer than they intended to 
This figure rises to 20% among 18-34 year olds, showing the next generation of investors are more frustrated by the lack of fluidity in equity investments 
27% of respondents – the equivalent of 1.8 million shareholders across the UK – do not know the current value of the shares they own 
More than a million shareholders (16%) would like to invest in other high-growth businesses but cannot because of an inability to sell their existing shares 
Almost a quarter (24%) of shareholders aged 18-34 said this was the case 

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