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National press features Asset Match’s Shareholder Sentiment Index 2017

| Friday February 24, 2017

Last week, Asset Match launched its Shareholder Sentiment Index 2017, unveiling the plights and struggles of British investors who own shares in private companies. The findings were significant – the research unveiled that 1.8 million shareholders across the UK do not know the current value of the shares they own. Furthermore, we found that more than 600,000 of Britain’s shareholders feel locked-in due to an inability to sell or trade their private company shares.

Within 48 hours of the Index being released to press it had been featured by a range of prominent national and trade titles. The appetite among the press to cover the findings demonstrates the pertinence of the issues uncovered; namely, with interest in SME investment resoundingly high in the current climate, it is imperative that private companies give the shareholders who have invested in them the opportunities they evidently desire to buy and sell shares.

Below is a breakdown of the publications that have written about Asset Match’s Shareholder Sentiment Index 2017:

Enhancing awareness of key industry issues is of utmost importance if the evolving demands of both the UK’s shareholders and high-growth businesses are to be met. What’s more, failure to do so risks impeding the long-term progression of the nation’s private sector as a whole.

Over the coming months, Asset Match will be conducting further research into the obstacles private companies and investors face regarding equity investments. We look forward to sharing our insights with you and the press throughout 2017.