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Theresa May unveils her 12-point Brexit plan

| Friday January 20, 2017

In what has been an eventful week for British investors and businesses, Prime Minister Theresa May delivered her 12-point plan for pending Brexit negotiations. As part of her bold and ambitious strategy, the Prime Minister announced at Lancaster House on Tuesday that Britain would take a global approach to trade and commerce once it had formally left the European Union.

Perhaps most importantly, the Prime Minister provided some much-needed clarity on how Britain will be handling its negotiations with European Union member-states. Both during and in the immediate aftermath of her speech on Tuesday, the pound rose from $1.20 to $1.23 against the US dollar – an impressive increase of more than 2.7%.

Based on the points delivered in the Prime Minister’s speech, 2017 is set to be another defining year for private equity investors and trading markets. With the Prime Minister providing some much clearer direction regarding the Brexit negotiations, it is vital that shareholders are given the ability to capitalise on the emerging category of high-growth businesses set to define Britain’s SME investment landscape.

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