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How does Asset Match unlock shareholder equity for private businesses?

| Friday January 27, 2017

There are 3,000 private companies in the UK that are mid-sized, well-established and profitable, yet they offer very little in the way of shareholder liquidity. Across these businesses there are 500,000 individual stake-owning investors, with £300 billion worth of equity lock-in. These 'leap' companies are key to the UK's future but are not readily accessible to investors. What’s more, this category of business is not well-covered in investment commentaries and is largely overlooked by the financial media.

Leap companies are those mid-size, high-growth businesses with long-term scalability and an extensive shareholder base. Due to the fact that they are private companies not traded on AIM, leap company shareholders often find it immensely difficult to release their equity for the purpose of monetising their investment or directing their capital to another investment opportunity.

Asset Match’s platform was launched to help solve this issue and unlock shareholder equity. Our equity trading facility is the industry's first online platform that allows investors and shareholders to buy and sell shares in unquoted companies in a dynamic, transparent and regulated environment. In doing so, our platform provides private companies and their investors an alternative liquidity strategy to a trade sale or IPO that was previously not readily available or easily accessible for investors. To demonstrate how the platform works, we have launched a comprehensive factsheet to reveal how Asset Match is unlocking £300 billion worth of private business equity through regular online auctions. 

Click here to find out how Asset Match is helping unlock £300 billion worth of shareholder equity.

Whether you’re an investor, a business leader or a shareholder, this factsheet introduces you to the basic premise of Asset Match’s trading platform and reveals how it has supported companies including Tottenham Hotspur FC, the Co-operative Bank, IntegraFin Holdings and BrewDog.

Alternatively, find out more about our equity trading facility and upcoming auctions by speaking to a member of the Asset Match team today.