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Asset Match’s research on consumer sentiment featured in the national press

| Wednesday May 3, 2017

The UK’s upcoming General Election on 8 June is set to be another landmark event for the country as it continues down the Brexit path. Should Theresa May emerge victorious as the current polls are projecting, the election will strengthen the Government's mandate to negotiate the terms of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union EU).

On the same day that Theresa May called the snap General Election, the IMF released its revised growth forecasts for the UK economy in 2017. Based on the strong performance of the private sector in the months following the EU referendum, the IMF anticipates GDP to expand by 2% over the course of the year.

As Britain prepares for Brexit and the upcoming snap election, Asset Match released the first in a series of new reports uncovering the sentiments of Britons in light of the country’s departure from the EU. In particular, this timely research unveils the attitudes of consumers, investors and entrepreneurs towards the growth prospects of the private sector during this period of transformation and change.

Based on a nationally representative survey of 2,000 UK adults, this first report revealed a community of British consumers that is overwhelmingly positive about the future of the UK economy during the Brexit negotiation period. Furthermore, the report shows that UK consumers are embracing the opportunities on offer through Brexit by actively supporting Britain’s businesses and brands.

Since its release, the report’s findings have featured in some of the UK’s leading national, trade and investment publications, including the internationally renowned Yahoo Finance. See some of our press highlights below:

This research is the first in a series of reports that dissect the sentiments of British society towards the private sector during Brexit negotiations. Having revealed the sentiments of consumers, Asset Match will continue to examine society’s attitudes towards British businesses at this vital time of socioeconomic transition; the next iteration in the report series will uncover the sentiment of investors towards UK scale-ups as Brexit continues to lay its footprint on the UK economy.

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