Northacre Limited
Company Name:Northacre Limited Minimum fundraise:£0* High Share Price Bid:£1
Business Sector:Real estate Total Funds Bid to Date:- Low Share Price Bid:£1
Auction period:27 Nov 2019 - 25 Feb 2020 Indicative Share Price:0.00 Average Share Price Bid:£1**
*The company will accept oversubscription.
**In the event of significant oversubscription, shares will be allocated to bids at the average price and above.

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Northacre Limited

The next auction will close at 4pm on the 25th February 2020. An order book will appear here when orders have been received.

In the auction that closed on 26th November 2019, 2,000 shares were traded at 100 pence per share.

Please direct any queries to or call 020 7248 2788.

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Company info

Northacre Limited has been admitted to trading on Asset Match at the request of its largest shareholder, Spadille Limited. Asset Match has no formal relationship with Northacre Limited.

Over the past 25 years, Northacre Limited has created more than 1,000 luxurious homes and some of London's finest residential addresses. They are widely recognised as a leading exponent of remodelling historic and creating contemporary buildings and have always focused on significant and complex projects in prime locations. Northacre is passionate about the relationship between world-class design and commercial success.

Auction Details

Northacre Ltd was admitted to trading on Asset Match on 12th January 2017 at a price of 100 pence per share. Asset Match has been informed that Spadille Limited will make an order to purchase outstanding shares at 100 pence per share - a 35 per cent. premium to the closing mid-market price on 9th December 2016 being the day prior to the announcement of Northacre’s intention to cancel its admission to AIM (see documents section).

Auctions are held quartlerly and close at 4pm on the last Tuesday of the months of February, May, August and November (unless stated otherwise).

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Key People


Niccolo Barattieri di San Pietro Chief Executive Officer

Niccolò Barattieri di San Pietro has over 20 years' experience in Finance/Real Estate. After spending several years alongside Est4te Four's Partners (who built their reputation in Milan by creating arguably the largest fashion quarter in the world), Niccolo helped transform the company into a global real estate advisor with developments in Milan, London, New York and Los Angeles. Prior to this Niccolo was Head Trader for Theorema Asset Management, a $600 million European Equity Hedge Fund. Niccolo was also Head Trader at Newman Ragazzi, a $1 billion European Equity Hedge Fund.


Klas Nilsson Non-Executive Chairman

Following his training as an architect in Germany, Klas founded Nilsson Architects in 1975. In 1977, he founded Northacre, turning his architectural practice into a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group. This resulted in a brand new hybrid of architect/developer, fuelled by Klas's passionate desire to see projects through from design to completion, sharing jointly in the creation of the results.


Brian Harris Non-Executive Director

Brian has over 35 years' experience in the building and property industry as Partner of Built Asset Consultant, EC Harris LLP, and now Arcadis. A Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, he has specialised in cost and project management and is a leading authority on the delivery of capital projects and the management of risk. Brian has been closely involved in the growth of EC Harris LLP into one of the foremost global consultancies. His is a Trustee of the United Kingdom Historic Building Preservation Trust (part of The Prince's Regeneration Trust).


Fawad Tariq Khan Executive Director

Fawad heads up Integrated Alternative Finance, the debt platform of the Abu Dhabi Financial Group. He has ten years' experience in private equity and debt advisory roles beginning his career with Deloitte in London focusing on management consultancy and financial advisory for clients across the UK and mainland Europe, including Tesco and Fortis. Fawad holds an MSc in Business Studies from the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School at University College Dublin and a BSc in Computer Science from University College Cork, Ireland.


Mustafa Kheriba Non-Executive Director

Mustafa Kheriba is the Chief Operating Officer of ADFG, and Executive Director of the Company's Investment Manager, ADCM Ltd. Mustafa has extensive experience and an inherent understanding of the UK real estate market and pioneer emerging markets such as the GCC, Eastern Europe, and Iraq. Mustafa manages the day-to-day operations, business development and control aspects of ADFG and its subsidiary companies. He also oversees deal origination, fund raising activities and directly manages key investments in the company. He also currently serves as Executive Director of Integrated Alternative Finance, Spadille Ltd., Integrated Capital, Northacre Plc, Reem Finance, Integrated Securities and Integrated Eastern European Fund, in addition to being Non-Executive Director at Qannas Investments Limited.