Optare plc
Company Name:Optare plc Minimum fundraise:£0* High Share Price Bid:£0
Business Sector:Industrial products Total Funds Bid to Date:£0 Low Share Price Bid:£0
Auction period:28 Nov 2019 - 26 Feb 2020 Indicative Share Price:0.00 Average Share Price Bid:£0**
*The company will accept oversubscription.
**In the event of significant oversubscription, shares will be allocated to bids at the average price and above.

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Optare plc

Optare plc

Market Cap: £124,920,584 Auction period: 28 Nov 2019 - 26 Feb 2020 Indicative price: 0.00

Live Started 16 days ago

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Total Number of Shares Wanted Share Price (p)
-- 0.20
-- 0.25
-- 0.30
-- 0.40
-- 2.00
Share Price (p) Total Number of Shares Offered
0.20 1,099,153
0.25 1,148,748
0.30 1,448,324
0.40 1,931,139
2.00 1,951,139



Total Number of Shares Wanted Share Price (p) Total Number of Shares Offered
-- 0.20 1,099,153
-- 0.25 1,148,748
-- 0.30 1,448,324
-- 0.40 1,931,139
-- 2.00 1,951,139

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Company info

Optare is a leading British manufacturer of urban buses with a modern assembly facility near Leeds, Yorkshire, employing more than 300 people. Its award-winning range of buses feature an integral design and efficient diesel engines, plus an industry-leading choice of electric units utilising the latest low carbon technology.

Optare is part of Ashok Leyland, one of the top 4 global bus producers, and part of the Hinduja Group. (...)


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Optare plc was admitted to trading on Asset Match on 8 January 2018 at a price of 0.04 pence per share.

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Key People

John Fickling Independent Non-Executive Chairman

John is a qualified engineer. He has over 25 years’ experience in the transport industry as a former major shareholder and executive director of Northumbria Buses and Kentish Bus, developing the latter into one of the largest privately owned London bus companies for Transport for London. He was chief executive of Sunderland AFC for eleven years, where he oversaw the building of the Stadium of Light and the new training academy and had significant involvement in its full stock market listing in the late 1990s. John is very well known across the industry and has a keen interest in green issues in public transport. He is Chairman of the Remuneration Committee.


Steven Norris Independent Non-Executive Deputy Chairman

Steven started his career in the engineering and motor industries, entering into politics in 1977, when he was elected to Berkshire County Council. In 1983 he became the Member of Parliament for Oxford East and subsequently held various parliamentary positions until 1992, when he became the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport and Minister for Transport in London. Steven was responsible for the Jubilee line extension, the largest extension of the London Underground network to date. Steven is widely known for his interest in public transport. He possesses a wealth of experience and is either currently, or has previously held roles as chairman of the National Cycling Strategy Board, director general of the Road Haulage Association, president of the Motorcycle Industry Association, a commissioner of the Independent Transport Commission, and a patron of the cyclists’ charity Sustrans and of the Campaign for Better Transport (UK) Charitable Trust. Steven holds an MA in Jurisprudence from the University of Oxford.


Gopal Mahadevan Non-Executive Director

Gopal is currently CFO of Ashok Leyland Ltd. Gopal is a chartered accountant and a company secretary with over 25 years’ experience in finance functions across a variety of industries. He started his career with the TTK Group and then moved to Sanmar Group, where he progressed to head of finance for their PVC business. He later joined Sify Limited to head mergers and acquisitions, legal and Nasdaq compliances, following which he joined Amara Raja Batteries as group CFO. Prior to his appointment at Ashok Leyland Ltd, Gopal was CFO of engineering company Thermax Limited. On his appointment as a Non-executive Director, Gopal became Chairman of the Audit Committee.


Venkatesan Venkataraman Non-Executive Director

Venkatesan is currently president of business development and strategy for Hinduja Automotive Limited, responsible for strategy, M&A and business development activities of the Hinduja Group’s automotive interests based in the UK. Starting as a graduate engineer at Ashok Leyland Ltd, he has over 30 years’ experience in industrial engineering, business and corporate planning functions. He led the Ashok Leyland Ltd negotiations for its initial stake and, subsequently, its increased stake in Optare plc.


Seshu Bhagavathula Non-Executive Director

Seshu joined Ashok Leyland Ltd in 2016 as chief technology officer and spearheads the company’s global initiatives on research and new product development for commercial vehicles, buses and light commercial vehicles. Seshu is an experienced hand in the automotive industry, both in commercial and passenger vehicle segments, with his core areas of professional expertise being in research and development, innovation and strategic analysis.  Seshu holds a doctorate in highfrequency electronics and an advanced post-graduate diploma from the Space Sciences and Applications Centre.  Before joining Ashok Leyland Ltd, he was associated with Great Wall Motor Company in China, where he served as the vice president of research & development.  Prior to this, he had spent a significant part of his career with Daimler AG at multiple locations, where he was responsible for product development and integration of engineering processes. In addition, Seshu was a founding managing director of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Center in India between 1996 and 2000.