Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.
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your business growth with dynamic liquidity solutions
Our interactive auction platform enables companies to provide liquidity for shareholders, evolve its shareholder base and access new investors.

Unlock liquidity via a range of markets.


Access price discovery for fundraises and corporate actions.


Receive expert guidance on the right capital market strategy for you.

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Benefits of Providing Liquidity

A successful liquidity solution lets executives and entrepreneurs at growing private companies focus on the future, align their cap table with next steps and provide shareholders and employees with flexibility and liquidity.
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Offer an exit

Provide a full or partial exit to your shareholders via a fair and transparent platform.

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Create value

Having a market-derived price increases the real value of your securities and share options.

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Align interests

Evolve your cap table to include shareholders who can support your next phase of growth.

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Retain control

Access the best solution for you and keep control over market type and calendar.

Flexible Solutions

Market types and advice tailored to meet your needs.


We believe that the best way to enable liquidity in private securities is via periodic auctions. By displaying order books and indicative pricing, market participants can negotiate trades via the price discovery process. Our purpose-built algorithms are used to calculate a single auction price and set the allocations. We offer a standard market for CREST-enabled settlement and a bespoke market for more complex needs.

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Special projects

Without regular pricing points it can be hard for companies to efficiently price corporate actions such as fundraises, open offers and distributions etc. This can also be a problem when organising a block trade of existing shares. We provide special one-off auctions for these situations and use our experience to design and deliver the best project for the unique situation.

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Our dedicated team has decades of experience across corporate finance, public markets, M&A, broking, trading and investment management. We provide one-off and retained advice to companies looking at their private capital options (such as funding, governance, strategy etc.) and pre-IPO companies who need a trusted partner in assessing their next steps onto the public markets.

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No two liquidity requirements are the same. We understand that every company faces unique challenges and we can guide you through them. Let's talk.
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Discuss your requirements and choose the best solution for you.

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Complete paperwork for our due diligence checks.

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Market type is set and goes live.

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We run the market for you determining results using our market algorithms.


You're in good company

Join the growing number of companies that are using our private market platform to provide liquidity and unlock real value.

Who We Are

We strongly believe in the role of financial markets in providing liquidity and pricing for securities, and we have applied this belief to private capital markets. We are creating solutions and markets to unlock the huge value within this overlooked asset class.

We are Asset Match.

Matthew Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Lucas

Founder & Executive Chairman

Market Types

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Access to liquidity and price discovery via ongoing periodic auctions. Our proprietary order books and market algorithms have been specifically built to enable trading in a fair, transparent and regulated environment. All companies on the platform are subject to due diligence checks by Asset Match, and all company documentation is available on each company’s auction page.
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Access to liquidity and price discovery via one-off specialist auctions designed specifically for the market’s needs. These auctions are used to price large trades, fundraisings and other corporate actions. Our team of trusted experts will guide each client through the market types available for the best outcome.
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Access a curated collection of new investment opportunities and deal flow from our network of investors, brokers and investment managers. These can be secondary sales, fundraises or tax-efficient investments such as S/EIS.
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